Bio humus

Of bio-humus

Your choice of our task - a clean bio-farming, to ensure that you and your loved ones use organic and health benefits of vegetables and fruits.

Vermi compost or biohumus contains natural growth stimulants, which accelerates the development of the plant, so you can maximize the positive period, when the soil is saturated with moisture, and get the best quality output from 10 to 15 days before harvest. Bio humus has normal characteristics:

• there is a free-flowing,

• controlled humidity,

• Effective use of technology

• the projected impact on crop yields,

• harmless to the soil,

• fits in perfectly with a variety of mineral and chemical fertilizers.

Most of the soil, experts believe that Bio humus plants basically works because it:

• soil can hold more moisture, resulting in improved its structure and properties of hydrophysical (high 200-250% water absorption, moisture-resistant);

• a large number of diversified mineral micro-organisms, enzymes, natural antibiotics and growth hormones accelerate the growth of plants. Bio-humus contains large quantities of biologically active substances and the like. Together with vermi compost in soil microorganisms and earthworms, necessary to the normal functioning, as well as recent activities relevant to the vital products, including phytohormones;

• a specific microflora, which is ten times more than traditional organic fertilizers, bio-plays "dead" soil activity. It has mineral and organics as provide additional nutrients;

• is better than the other manure and compost, as it contains up to 10 times more humus.

Biohumus Exclusive features:

• does not contain weed seeds, vermi compost treatment because they pass through earthworms and lose their ability to germinate;

• there is a higher content of water-soluble nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium forms, and Bio humus is fundamentally different from other organic fertilizers;

• compared with manure, containing a small amount of intestinal bacilli;

• Heavy metals complex is poorly soluble compounds in plants that do not practice, it is not toxic;

• compared with compost or manure biohumus contains more biological nitrogen. This is due to the large amounts of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the earthworm excrements;

• biohumus also contains a certain quantity of dead worms (protein substances), which increases the amount of fertilizer;

• Bio humus is particularly valuable for humic substances and fulvinės acid containing from 6% to 12%;

• Unlike manure, Bio humus is not stagnant, and plants respond to it immediately;

• proven that humates biohumus Containing no toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to embryos.

It is necessary to know!

• Bio humus is up to five years.

• It does not smell nice and keep it in the hands.

• Bio humus retained even after drying it does not lose properties.

Vermi compost - is a clean and highly efficient fertilizers. Using it, you'll get 25-50% or even more richer sound quality and delicious fruits from his garden (trees, shrubs), and richer, even 100% vegetable or pumpkin crops from the garden. Improves the flowers, lawns and ornamental planting quality.

Quality indicators

Humidity less than 55%

рН 6.8 to 7.5

Humus (containing up to 70% nitrogen) - 10-20%

It contains the following elements:

- 0.64% nitrogen

- 2.63% phosphorus

- 0.8% potassium

- 21.5 mg / kg of copper,

- 63.5 mg / kg of zinc,

- 3.7 g of calcium mg-ekv/100,

- 3.8 grams of magnesium mg-ekv/100.

Microflora composition:

- Pathogenic microflora is not

- Up to 1 billion. before. / g of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms

- Up to 100 billion. before. / g of phosphorus mobilizing microorganisms.

Agronomic characteristics:

- Distribution dusting rate before sowing - 3-4 t / ha

- The rate allocation techniques with drill seeding cultures СНЗ type drill machines:

- Are invited for barley, soroms, rye, buckwheat, beet / beet: 80-120 kg / ha

- Sunflower and vegetables: 150-200 kg / ha

- Watermelons, potatoes: up to 400 kg / ha.

There is no need to use every year (once every 2-3 years)

Necessary to further the use of mineral fertilizers

Meets all environmental standards

Soil indicators - humus, micro flora, improvement in the structure

Bio-humus manure can replace a proportion of bio-humus t = 20 tons of manure.

Economic indicators:

- The lowest labor costs combined with seed sowing,

- Low-cost bio-humus in a hectare, depending on the culture and the distribution rate

- Increased cost of production of farmed because it contains less amount of nitrates, salts and heavy metals

- Do not buy fertilizer. Bio-humus microflora (N retainers, bacterial nitrogen, phosphorus mobilizing bacteria) supplement crops such elements and humic substances help to maximize the absorption of macro-and micro-nutrients,

- Distribution Equipment: true universal machine, which is part of the distribution of mineral fertilizers.

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