California worms are 6-8 cm long, 3-4 mm in diameter and weighs about 0.8 to 1.0 g. Young, white, red and adults. The cladding layer releases the liquid which cleans and moisturizes the body surface. Through the skin to remove the liquid residue of metabolism and other unnecessary items.

Earthworms breathe through the skin and the angel. Digestive organs are located throughout the body: mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, neck and muscle of the front (between the 1-19 segment), and then - pop. Accumulated reserves of lime gland, which opens up holes in the esophagus of alkaline food.

Earthworms do not have teeth, so do not chew, but sucks mouth semi-liquid food. During the day, consuming as much food as their own weight, etc. Y. 1-4 g. The body of his 40 percent take-up. And 60 per cent. transform and evolve the form of lumps, which are called "kaprolitais.

Earthworm closed circulation. Circulating hemoglobin oxygen helps blood vessels to various organs. Nervous system is simple: over the whole body goes belly side of the ganglion chain. Sensory nerves and cells sensitive to environmental stimuli, especially light, which is deadly. They receive light stimuli and encourages earthworms immediate liabilities digging deeper into the ground.

Earthworms are mature when the saddle there (ring thickness). He is 4-6 mm in width. On the 15 th saddle narelio are male, and 14 th - Women's Sexual holes. Although these creatures are hemafroditai, they need partners. Estrus every seven days.

Results in the capsule-like cocoon. It ranges from light brown to almost black, small (about 2-3 mm and 3-4 mm in length).

California Earthworm cocoons are about 2-22 eggs, and other types of worms - just 1-3. Juveniles can grow within 14-20 days. They are the fastest growing at 25 ° C. Freshly hatched are white, 5-6th day of life takes on a pink tint, and 15 to 20-th - the study of color.

Already hatched worm feeds on its own. It feeds on organic juices, micro-organisms, protozoa. Sexually mature within 90 days, then multiply. At the age of seven months shall cease to grow.

Unlike the common earthworm, earthworms living in California, four times as long, etc. Y. 16. Lithuania intensively breed in spring and autumn.

California attracts earthworms over 100 times more offspring. Ensuring a favorable living conditions for over a year they bring in 1,500 kids. The maximum number of eggs per cocoons - 22. He received worms grown in laboratory conditions. On average, the cocoons are about 5-7 eggs.


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